Dear NESET member,

We are glad to welcome you into the Network.

To ensure that you always receive all relevant information, we would like to request your consent for NESET to process your personal data.

Below you will find four types of consents. You can opt-in for as many as you feel comfortable with. If you do not wish to receive any information from NESET, please do not check any of the boxes.
The consent is valid from the day of your subscription to January 31, 2023. You are free to opt out at any time by contacting the coordination team via

Please introduce yourself to the ways NESET coordination team would like to keep in touch with you:

1. Public website profile
By stating your consent you grant NESET the right to handle the following public information: your name and surname, nationality, fields of expertise, geographical scope of expertise, your recent publications and, if provided, other contact information. This data would be uploaded and publicly shared on the NESET website at

2. Personal correspondence
By stating your consent you give the NESET coordination team the right to e-mail you personally regarding Network-related questions (e.g. invitations to collaborate).

3. Monthly NESET newsletter (exclusive for members) 
By stating your consent, you agree to receive exclusive newsletters for Network members. The newsletters typically include a recap of the Network's activities and relevant information (articles, vacancy announcements, invitations to conferences, etc.). NESET members are also invited to share their own announcements. 

4. Quarterly NESET newsletters
By stating your consent, you agree to receive quarterly newsletters on the key developments of the Network, such as publication of deliverables, outcomes of high-level meetings, etc. 
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Please select the permissions you grant to NESET:

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